Does my cell phone affect my sperm?

We need to pay attention to EMF (cell phone, WiFi) and ELFs, which are extremely low frequency electricity, that would be everything from the motor on the back of your fridge to being near power lines and, and basically anything with a battery, but, or, or that is wired story.

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So electromagnetic frequencies are sources of non-ionizing radiation and excess exposure has been shown to be deleterious to human health by disrupting normal cellular function.

And so, so we’re looking at sperm here in particular, and you saw the, the body of research there. So wifi internet road, or smart meters for your hydro cell phones, iPads, anything running on wifi microwave, ovens, Bluetooth devices, uh, fluorescent and led bulbs.

Unfortunately, there, we’ll talk about that in a second, almost anything electric or with a battery. And if you want to kind of check out your home, you can, you know, hire someone to do a deep dive, or you can simply assume, or you could pick up an EMF meter, uh, to check out your home.
Elf meters are, are different, um, start with an EMF meter and you can start doing some cleanup there. I recommend something as basic, the acoustic calm too.

It’ll give you some general ideas. Uh, so suggestions, eh, what, what can we do, um, put your router, your internet, wifi router on a timer at night.
So it shuts off and isn’t crank and out and trying to receive signals and give off signals. When you’re trying to sleep, don’t sleep near your phone, a smart meter and Rover covers.

There’s such a thing and get your meet neighbors to do the same thing, because if you’re in a city in close quarters, you’re going to be, um, you know, near your neighbor smart meter, near your neighbor’s wifi router, or try and talk to them and, and go to day, uh, look into Faraday, fabrics and cages for those, uh, try.

I know they’re not really making incandescent any more and it’s not favorable or halogen bulbs. They burn out all the time.

They’re hot, they’re, you know, led is the way, but, uh, as I go through it later here, I didn’t have this set up that well, they do flicker, uh, and they do, uh, are aren’t as they give off more radiation than these, uh, uh, incandescents that are harmful to us.

So, uh, plugging your computers instead of using wifi, uh, at any time you can, uh, try not to use microwave ovens, uh, or induction stoves, um, carry your cell phone in a Faraday bag.

If you can’t or put it on airplane mode, as much as you can away or keep it away from your body as much as possible.

Like I said, I think most men carry it right next to their testicles. So we’re looking at not just fertility problems, but testicular cancers may be, and, and, and prostate issues, uh, when using your cell phone use on speaker phone, talk on wifi can not data.

It supposedly creates less EMF, um, turn electricity down in your home whenever possible, literally flipped breakers, uh, don’t sleep near your smart meter or fridge freezer, motors.

That’s we talked about that. Cordless phones, not good either.

Some supplements to help protect molecular hydrogen, I’ve got other posts on that magnesium, um, and that is, uh, due to the, the thought that, uh, electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation and interferes with proper cellular calcium uptake and magnesium can help, uh, regulate that.
So there’s some suggestions go back and listen to this again, if you have to take some notes, uh, or there’ll be some notes down in the description that you can kind of use as a reference.

Anyway, I hope that helps stop carrying your cell phone right next to your testicles.

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