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Dr. TCM, Reproductive health specialist, founder of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness clinics, author of ‘Being Fertile‘, creator of The Being Fertile Program, and host of the Conception Channel.

“Since 2004 I have been providing natural evidence-based treatment solutions for women and couples experiencing reproductive health challenges.  I have seen the profound effect that infertility has on women and couples. It touches on something so fundamental to our being human that the emotional depths experienced are unlike any other – studies showing psychological impact comparable to the diagnosis and struggle with cancer. Looking through the lens of infertility I have gained intimate insights into the functioning of the body and human spirit. I feel blessed to have been a part of so many journeys toward the creation of family and feel the world needs to know more of these struggles so that we can all better support those who are hurting beyond comprehension.”

The Being Fertile Program

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The Being Fertile Book

10 Steps to Overcome the Struggles of Infertility, Get Pregnant, and Create a Happy, Healthy Family


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