Optimize your health, well-being, and fertility potential

If you are ready to deeply commit to holistic self-care and doing what it takes to optimize your health, well-being, and fertility potential, then we will be a good fit. Whether you are just starting to consider trying to get pregnant, experiencing another miscarriage, or just failed your third IVF, working with me will require commitment to action and some hard work.


My coaching is the product of many years of advanced expertise and experience in the field of natural reproductive medicine. It integrates the benefits of multiple core elements to help you not only optimize your fertility but also transform your health in the process.

This program is the best of what I have learned over the past 25 years of my career distilled down into a 10 week program of diagnosis, deep self discovery, individualized plan, amazing tools for moving forward, and transformational actions to help bring you closer to your dreams!


6 x 50-Minute Sessions*

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*A 10-week course of 6 x 50-minute coaching sessions is recommended for optimal results. This gives time to intimately understand your unique needs, take the necessary actions, provide proper support and guidance, and remain accountable on your path to a happy healthy pregnancy.


6 x 25-Minute Sessions

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1 x 50-Minute Session

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1 x 25-Minute Session

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Dr Spence Pentland takes on a limited number of coaching clients at once to ensure high-quality personalized service. If he is not taking on new clients at this time before you check out, you will be notified and put on a waiting list to be contacted once a spot opens up.


Valuable assessments to help discover your unique individual needs

A comprehensive holistic easy-to-implement plan for optimizing your health, well-being, and fertility potential

Advice on dealing with current situations, decisions, challenges, stress and overwhelm

A safe space to share, ask questions, be open, honest, and vulnerable

Guidance on how to listen to your body and innate inner wisdom

Discovery of your strengths and weaknesses, and how to best utilize and nourish both

Ideas for improving your relationships with your loved ones, community, and most importantly yourself

Consistent reviewing of progress to help maintain accountability and forward momentum



To learn more about Fertility Coaching and how I can help you in your journey to parenthood, book a Discovery Call. 

Doctors are there to give medical advice, coaches are there for everything else. Therefore a doctor who is also a coach, like myself, can offer medical advice while supporting the ‘whole’ person.