About me...

Hello, I’m Spence Pentland, herbalist and horticulturist since 1995, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2004, partner and husband to my amazing wife Chantal since 2006, super dad since 2008, and Salt Spring Islander since 2021. 

After 25 years in Vancouver, building and practicing in 3 successful multi-practitioner clinics, helping thousands of people reach their reproductive and sexual health goals, Chantal, my 3 boys (Salix Ari and Axel), Ollie (pooch), Soul (kitty), and I decided to start a new chapter in life, one of deep connection, health, and joy, on Salt Spring Island. 

This Island is a place where many come to do the same; experience more joy, better health, be more present, build community, and establish a meaningful connection to spirit. This is why I am so grateful to be here, to help support and heal those who are choosing a more fulfilling life. 

The important things in life aren’t things! 

After finishing my 5 year medical education at ICTCM Vancouver, my internship at Anhui Hospital in HeiFei China, and becoming licenced to practice Traditional Chinese medicine in BC in 2004, my clinical practice has focused on the treatment of men’s and women’s reproductive and sexual health issues utilizing the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM; AcupunctureHerbal medicine, Tui Na bodywork, Fire cupping, Qigong, magnets, diet & lifestyle coaching) combined with evidence-based modern natural treatment solutions. 

When treatment is holistic, regardless of the primary clinical goal, healing of the whole person is essential. My extensive experience and knowledge has established clinical proficiency in mental-emotional health, neurochemistry, pain, hormones, sleep, digestion, cardiovascular, sexual and reproductive health, immunity, relationship to self and the world, diet, exercise, cleansing/detoxification, trauma, significant life transitions, supplements, herbal medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, and other treatment options that may be beneficial. 

I am thankful that I have arrived at this point in my life and career, through hard work, study, and many years of experience as a facilitator of others healing. I am confident that I have something valuable to offer anyone going through infertility, endometriosis, pregnancy birth & postpartum, menopause, acute / chronic pain, or any other health challenge.