Cannabis & Male Factor Infertility – What does the research say?

Cannabis & Male Factor Infertility – A discussion with Dr Spence Pentland & Sean Quigley about the current research



Sean Quigley and I are going to be talking and doing a deep dive into cannabis and male factor infertility. It’s a fun episode, we’re going to give a brief introduction to the endocannabinoid system, a little bit technical, but to bear with us, then we’ll get into how cannabis affects male fertility through certain semen parameters, like concentration and fertilization capacity, and the mitochondria or the energy producing powerhouses of the sperm, DNA fragmentation, different administration roots of cannabis and its impact on IVF.

Near the end, you don’t want to miss this part where we’re also going to jump into some of the positive effects that research has shown with cannabis and reproduction. And then, we will give our conclusions.

So, it’s an episode I think you don’t want to miss. We had a lot of fun diving into the research and coming up with some basic conclusions, so that you can incorporate it into your life.

Spence Pentland


About Sean Quigley

Sean Quigley is a registered acupuncturist in Ontario, Sean graduated from the respected International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, is a fellow of ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine), and a member of The Society for Acupoint Injection Therapy. He has mentored with pioneers in the field of Chinese medicine and reproductive health – Dr. Spence Pentland, Dr. Harris Fisher, and Dr. Erin Flynn – and he is an associate of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness in Vancouver.

Sean is incredibly passionate about the power of acupuncture to get people healthy and keep them healthy. He believes that traditional and modern medicine should complement each other to best serve the patient.