The Emotional Side of All Things Reproduction: Grief and Fertility

This podcast is for anyone facing challenges starting their family and is about grief and fertility. From simply just having difficulty getting pregnant, to IVF, miscarriage, third party reproduction, pelvic pain and PMDD, we cover the emotional component that accompanies the journey through infertility.

The common element; grief. My take away was that it is important for people to realize that they are going through a grieving process and that there are ways and people (like Holly) that can help you get ‘through’ these challenging times.

Who should use counselling during their fertility or reproductive journey? Are there common emotions or specific processes that people experience? What is some typical advice that would be given to women and couples? Are psychedelics a potential option? How has COVID affected people and treatments when trying to conceive? These are just some of the topics we cover in this podcast.

Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to have one-on-one support from someone who understands the struggles and journey of infertility. A trusted companion to turn to when you have questions, require guidance, or need emotional support. Someone who can create a safe space for whatever your needs may be, and be there for you to share the burden and challenges along your path to pregnancy.

The expertise of an experienced fertility coach or counsellor can be really helpful to those feeling overwhelmed with infertility, providing extra physical, mental, and emotional support needed as you navigate your path to pregnancy. Do not struggle alone, build yourself a support network to help you navigate the grief and fertility.

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