THE MAN CAVE: Support for Men Faced with Infertility

DON’T GIVE UP! The under-pinning message from our male fertility podcast guest Kevin Button from The Man Cave. Kevin tells his personal story of male infertility, and the birth of the support resources he has created as a result.

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Kevin opens up and tells all about his journey through infertility, and strongly encourages other men to do the same. He focuses on the mental health aspects involved as he really struggled with this and knows the depths to which the mind can take you during a challenge such as infertility. This is why men faced with infertility are strongly encouraged to not just try and tough it out alone. Kevin created The Man Cave to provide support for men, and invites people to contact him to get help with setting up similar resources in their city/area.

If you think your situation is tough, Kevin has felt your pain. When he found out he had zero sperm and that the condition could not be fixed, it ruined his relationship and put him into a dark downward spiral of shame and anger, drugs and alcohol. But he came out of it and is strong, in a wonderful new relationship, has come to terms with using donor sperm, and is deep in the process of using IVF to become a dad. A true real world hero and role model.

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