The Island Talks Podcast | Interview with Ben Corno

Hello Salty people and those who are or may want to visit this magical Island, my name is Spence Pentland and I am the host of ‘The Island Talks’ podcast, all things Salt Spring Island (with a focus on wellness).

In this episode I have the privilege of sitting down face to face with Ben Corno, vital SSI community member, and recent elected member to what may very well be the first taste of ‘government-like’ structure that Salt spring has ever experienced.

Ben has been on SSI for over 13 years. He landed on this island with a focus on horticulture and farming, working at many of the wonderful establishments that nurture people like himself. He and his partner then moved on to operate their own farm for 8 years, and just recently have decided to move on to another chapter, clearly one that involves more political involvement and hope for the future he sees as being beneficial to most Salt Springers!

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